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2701 West 136th Avenue, Broomfield, CO 80023


All Legacy staff have office phone numbers which all start with the same first six digits. For a full staff contact list, click here. Main administration phone numbers are listed below.

MAIN: 720-972-6700
Sara Marx, Principal 720-972-6701
Adria Moersen, Assistant Principal 720-972-6706
Brendon Feddema, Assistant Principal/ 720-972-6705
Activity Director
Kylie Russell, Assistant Principal/ 720-972-6707
Athletic Director


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Feddema Moersen Russell
BeukeDietel Kujawa PavelisGaffin Thompson

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Legacy High School will provide opportunities, expectations, and support for each student to achieve academic excellence. The partnership of staff, students, families, and the community will encourage individual integrity, personal growth, and enthusiasm for the future. Legacy continues to be recognized as a high achieving, high growth high school by the Colorado Department of Education.

Special Programs

Legacy 2000 (L2K)

L2k is a rigorous four-year program designed to develop the tangible and intangible skills and experiences that assist students interested in preparing themselves for a career involving mathematics, science, and technology. The four-year course objectives include career and technology exploration, research practice, job shadowing, and a final project presentation. This project encapsulates real-world experience, professional codes of conduct, and adherence to the regulations and procedures inherent to successful companies.


Colorado State Department of Education College Preparatory through North Central Association of Secondary Schools and Colleges Member, National Association of College Admissions Counselors

School CEEB-ACT code: 060-163


There are 2327 students enrolled at Legacy High School, with a senior class size of 551 for the 2016 - 2017 school year.


Located in Broomfield, Colorado, Legacy is a public high school for grades 9 -12. The Adams 12 Five Star School District serves over 39,000 students. It is located northwest of Denver in an economically diverse suburb.


Legacy High School operates within a semester schedule and offers block and single period classes.


Legacy High School was founded in 2000 as a secondary school based on the belief that all students will be provided with the opportunities and support needed to achieve academic excellence.

Classes & Graduation

graduation cap

2015-2016 Graduation Statistics


Total Graduates: 479

# of Grads Plans %
297 4 year college 63%
97 2 year college 20%
12 Vocational/Tech. 2%
13 Military 2%
17 Work 4%

46 students were offered scholarships.
Total amount $4,171,317.00
Average per student $90,681.00
  • 85% of the 2016 graduating class enrolled in post secondary education.
  • The average ACT score for juniors was 22.8. The 2015/2016 state average is 20.04. All juniors take the ACT in the state of Colorado.
  • 588 students wrote 1183 AP exams.
  • AP courses are open to all juniors and seniors who meet the prerequisites.
Grade point average is computed on all classes each quarter, grades 9 - 12. All courses are included in the cumulative grade point average. Students have a numeric rank, which is listed on their transcript.

Graduation Requirements*

23 Credits Required  
English 4 Credits
Social Studies (.5 must be U.S. Government) 2 Credits
US History I & II 1 Credit
Math 3 Credits
Science 3 Credits
Fine Arts 2 Credits
Physial Education (.5 must be Healthy Choices) 2 Credits
Electives 6 Credits

*Students are encouraged to complete 20 hours of Service Learning by graduation.


Class rank is based on a student’s cumulative Grade Point Average. Rank is computed at the end of each semester; the numerical rank shown on the high school transcript includes all completed semesters of high school course work.


CSAP/TCAP – state standardized assessment (credit awarded for certain scores) ACT – national standardized assessment (credit awarded for certain scores) SAT – national standardized assessment (credit awarded for certain scores) PSAT – Preliminary SAT (credit awarded for certain scores) CP – College Preparation AP – Advanced Placement (weighted grade if exam is taken)

Calculus II and Advanced Placement (AP) are weighted at Legacy High School. There are no other courses that are a part of the weighted grading system.




Legacy High School acknowledges its students' conduct, character, and achievement reflect the effectiveness of the school. Legacy High School students will:

  • Accept responsibility for their learning, decisions, and actions.
  • Set challenging goals and exhibit a strong work ethic to achieve them.
  • Work together cooperatively, respect diversity, and appreciate democratic values.
  • Contribute to school and community.


Legacy High School recognizes the importance of providing all students with a coherent and viable curriculum. The curriculum is:

  • Sequenced and aligned both vertically and horizontally to ensure academic growth from grade to grade and subject to subject.
  • Based on district and state standards that identify essential content.
  • Assessed to ensure quality learning and to inform teachers and teams regarding curricular and instructional decision-making.
  • Reflective of the school's belief in seeking out and implementing best practices.
  • Designed to establish effective articulation with affiliated schools and post-secondary institutions.


Legacy High School recognizes the importance of establishing effective partnerships with its extended community. These partnerships will:

  • Provide the means for two-way communication in order to exchange information and feedback.
  • Encourage the community to participate in the daily life of the school and demonstrate its support for the school's mission, vision, commitments, and goals.
  • Facilitate the involvement of parents/guardians in the education of their students.


Legacy High School operates on the principle that a quality staff creates a quality school. The staff will:

  • Operate on the premise that all students can achieve when held to high expectations.
  • Actively support the mission, vision, commitments, and goals of the school.
  • Model life-long learning.
  • Maintain open and honest communication in order to sustain a professional and collaborative environment on a consistent and formal basis.
  • Closely monitor the academic progress of all students and respond with necessary support.


Legacy High School recognizes that a successful environment encompasses both the physical setting and the climate of the school. Legacy High School will:

  • Maintain an emotionally and physically safe environment.
  • Operate in an orderly, purposeful, professional environment.
  • Celebrate the efforts and achievements of students and staff.
  • Maintain the physical facilities to meet the needs of the students and the community.
  • Monitor, respond to, and assist students in a fair and consistent manner.