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Business Office

Summer Business Office Hours:

See summer schedule on school website

Business Office Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
7:30-11:00            12:30-3:30
Closed 11:00-12:30

Closed- All Students Remote

The Business Office is not available to make change or cash checks.
If the Business Office is closed at other times, please check back.  

Student Billing Statements

Billing Statements will be sent electronically every month on the 20th if you have a balance due.  A paper copy will be mailed out in October to all students and in March for all students transitioning to another school (elementary to middle, middle to high school, and seniors).

Student Fees on Infinite Campus

Almost all student billing goes through Infinite Campus. We ask you to check your Parent Portal for fees frequently as we are billing membership dues, field trips, etc. in this manner. Everything entered is due date driven. Please keep this in mind when purchasing optional items such as lockers, activity passes, parking permits, field trips, etc. There can be no balance on the account to obtain those items.

Billing Schedule

Activity Passes, Lockers, and Parking Permits will be billed at the time of purchase. Payment will need to accompany any request for optional items. Accounts must be current (no past due balance) in order to receive an optional item.

Courses for the whole school year will be billed early in August.  We will reconcile accounts after the drop window closes.  Normally this is five-ten school days after the start of the course. Course fees will be due 11/20/20.  Due to Hybrid/Remote Learning, the district has not made a decision on fee billing yet for the 2020-2021 school year.  

Anyone enrolling after 11/20/20 will be required to pay their fees upon entry.

Free/Reduced Lunch Status & School Fees

The school district will honor the free/reduced status of your lunch program for school fees. In order to have your fees adjust, you will need to fill out and submit a Sharing Information Release Form for a qualifying school. You can find the form on our district website. Be aware that not all fees qualify for reduction.

Authorization to Convert Your Check

If you send Adams 12 Five Star Schools or any school in Adams 12 Five Star Schools district a check to make your payment, your check may be converted into an electronic fund transfer. “Electronic Fund Transfer” is the term used for the process in which we electronically instruct your financial institution to transfer funds from your account to our account, rather than processing your check. By sending your completed, signed check to Adams 12 Five Star Schools or any school in Adams 12 Five Star Schools district, you authorize Adams 12 Five Star Schools or any school in Adams 12 Five Star Schools district to copy your check and to use the account information from your check to make an electronic fund transfer from your account for the same amount as the check. If the electronic fund transfer cannot be processed for technical reasons, you authorize Adams 12 Five Star Schools or any school in Adams 12 Five Star Schools district to process the copy of your check. If you have questions or would like to learn about other payment options, please contact your local school directly.

Superintendent Policy on Fees

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