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Language Arts

The English Department is proud and excited to work with the students of Legacy High School! 

Mission Statement

Legacy High School's English Department will provide opportunities, expectations, and support for each student to achieve excellence in the areas of reading, writing, communication, and information technology.

Please see the link below for information regarding the books taught in Legacy High School's English classes.  Summaries are provided and mature themes are labeled.  
The following English courses are required at Legacy High School:
  • English 9
  • English 10 or Advanced World Studies
  • English 11 (American Lit) or AP Language and Composition
  • English 12 or AP Literature and Composition

The following courses are English electives offered at Legacy High School:

  • Creative Writing
  • Speech
  • Journalism I
  • Newspaper 
  • Literature to Film
  • Yearbook 
  LHS English Department Book List   Adams 12 High School English Statement of Beliefs