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Article 1
SL: Sustenance on the slopes
Preview: Foods to fuel an entire day on the mountain.
HL: Lunch and Snack Ideas for Skiing and Snowboarding 
Body: A day on the slopes can burn a lot of calories, which is why it’s important to fuel and hydrate your body regularly throughout the day to keep your energy up. From lunch to a snack, here are some foods you might want to pack.  

Photo: Lunch for skiing and snowboarding

Fast and easy food prep à

Article 2

SL: When to cheer and when to jeer (maybe just don’t jeer)
HL: Parents Play an Important Role in Sportsmanship
Body: Emotions run high in sports. As a parent, you want to see your kid do well, and it’s easy to become angry and vocal when you feel a poor call was made by the coach or referee. But your actions can have a long-term effect on your kid, so try these tips instead.   

Photo: Positive parent of athletes

Sportsmanship tipsà


Article 1
SL Improving performance to reduce risk of injury
HL: Performance Enhancement in Youth Sports 
Body: Sports performance enhancement is different than performance-enhancing drugs. And, incorporating performance enhancement techniques into training programs for youth sports can provide several benefits for young athletes. 

Photo: performance enhancement #1

Find out why à

Article 2

SL When to start weight training
Preview: Should young athletes wait?
HL: Young Athletes and Weight Training 
Body Weight training doesn’t always involve physical weights. In fact, it starts with learning to manage bodyweight. That means there isn’t a minimum start age, but it’s safest for young athletes to learn the basics in a formal setting with a trained professional. 

Photo: weight training and kids

When, where and how to start weight training à

April Articles

SL: The importance of iron intake 

Preview: It helps maintain focus and performance. 

HL: Iron Needs in Young Athletes 

Calories and hydration are essential for growth and performance. Combined with the right amounts of vitamins and minerals, including iron to increase the flow of oxygen throughout the body, your young athlete has the nutrients they need for endurance activities.  

Include these iron-rich foodsà 

SL: Sports injury recovery 

Preview: Smart rehab is physical and mental. 

HL: The Psych Behind Sports Injury Recovery 

There’s a lot more to rehabilitation than just physical therapy and rest. Reasonable goal setting and education about the injured body part, including what it does and why it needs to heal, can help young athletes perform better when they return to their sport. 

Realistic recoveryà