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Sport Health and Safety Links


November 2019

SL Preserve the happy in your holidays 
Preview: Make your list but really check it twice. 

HL: Shorten Your List to Skip the Stress 
Body: It’s easy (and satisfying) to make a lengthy holiday to-do list. It’s much harder to complete all the tasks you’ve given yourself. Manage your expectations and cut back on a few things to create holiday season memories that matter. 

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October 2019

SL: Supplements in sports
Preview: Should they stay on the shelf?

HL: Supplement Safety Not Guaranteed
Body: It’s a billion-dollar business because it knows what its audience wants: to be stronger, better, faster, leaner. But lack of regulation makes it hard for everyone (experts included) to know if a supplement is safe for a young athlete.

A sports med physician’s opinion

SL: Muscle tension? Try needles. 
Preview: (But don’t try it at home.)
HL: What’s the Deal with Dry Needling?
Body: Trigger points in the muscles cause pain. Deep tissue massage can help relax the muscle and relieve tension. Another thing that can help: needles. It sounds unpleasant ¾ but it works. 

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