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Military Visits

Monthly Schedule

1st Tuesday of Every Month

1st Thursday of Every Month

Air Force - Isaac Fifer

Coast Guard - Laura Bostwick

2nd  Tuesday of Every Month

2nd  Thursday of Every Month

Marines-Sgt. Garcia

Navy - Jakob Harvey

3rd Tuesday of Every Month

3rd Thursday of Every Month

Air Force Reserve - David Perez

USArmy-SFC Andrew Knapp

4th Tuesday of Every Month

4th Thursday of Every Month

Army National Guard-Valerie Boothe

Air National Guard-Rebecca Abshner

ASVAB Test Date - November 13, 2019 and February 19th, 2020

Please email Mr. Sheeley if you'd like to know your ASVAB test results!

Please see Mr. Sheeley in counseling if you have any questions!