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Not all college require the essay portion.  For a detailed list, visit

There are a variety of test prep opportunities for students to prepare for the SAT.

  • Link College Board Account with Khan Academy for customizable test prep-FREE
  • Download the College Board App on their phone for practice tests, scoring, and problems of the day-FREE

Please refer to attached instructions at the bottom of this page for more information.

ACT/ SAT Information

Outside Test Prep Resources 

This list is provided for families interested in outside test prep resources.  Many of these companies charge fees for their services.  Legacy High School recognizes outside test prep opportunities as valuable to some students, however, does not endorse any outside program over another.

  • DeVry FREE ACT Prep Review
  • College in Colorado
  • ACT/ SAT online test practice
  • Power Prep
  • SAT vocabulary practice
  • Kaplan Test Prep
  • Princeton Review-Coleen Read, 720-575-6618
  • Prep Associates
  • - Locate test prep programs in your area
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