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Deans' Office

During this time of Remote Learning, please contact the appropriate Dean via email and we will respond to you within 24 hours. If this is an emergency, please dial 911.

Here is the link to Safe to Tell.


Dawn Gaffin
Students: A-G
(720) 972-6760

Greg Miller
Students: H-O

Mike Thompson
Students: P-Z
(720) 972-6761

Campus Supervisors

(720) 972-6764

  • Catherine Goodell
  • Anthony (AJ Rubio)
  • Samantha Bremmer 
  • Elizabeth Hanlon
  • Jeff Bolduc
  • Tate Lindemann

Office Staff

  • Kim Glenn-Wilson (720) 972-6716
  • Betty Dannenberg (720) 972-6717

School Resource Officer

  • Officer Meredith Durham (720) 972-6762 

Dean's Office Mission

Prepare students for the future with life-long learning skills

Make a difference for students in an educational arena in terms of safety and positive role model

We commit to the items below to accomplish our goals:

  • Follow through with questions on consistency in terms of discipline.
  • Teach appropriate behaviors through modeling.
  • Continually improve our communication (with each other / our students).
  • Following the matrix and plan set forth in previous meetings.
  • Developing positive rapport with all students.
  • Being a "lifeguard" for Legacy High School students while in our care.

Resources for parents and students




Anger Management

Bullying and Harrassement

Dating Violence