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Our Library

Dear Students,

The Legacy library is happy to welcome back our drop-in students for the hybrid model.  If a student is on an off period they may enter the library with an ID and a mask during the first 10 minutes of class.  Remote students are not allowed to be in the library, but they may check out physical, print books (see below).

Whether you are a remote student or hybrid in-person student, the Legacy Library is still your go-to place for books for both class choice books and pleasure reading.  For safety reasons, we are discouraging browsing in the library, but you have many other options to get a book from LHS library.  

eBooks and Audiobooks

We are spending a lot of our time in virtual spaces these days, and it’s only natural for the library to go digital, as well. The eBook and audiobook platform our school uses is called OverDrive. In OverDrive, you will find lots of popular YA and nonfiction titles. Use your Adams 12 universal login to access the collection. 

Check out these resources to get you started:

Tip: If reading on a tablet or phone, you can’t beat the Kindle app for functionality. If listening to audiobooks, the Sora app is what you want. 

Email Ms. Stephens or Mrs. Hilderbrand if you need help or have questions. 

Print Books

All the books in the library are still here for you to check out, we are discouraging general browsing, but you can browse using Destiny or Destiny Discover.

To find books, consider searching by genre (i.e. mystery, science fiction), subject (i.e. hockey, climate change), or by title or author. Make sure you are selecting books that aren’t already checked out. To reserve a book, make sure you’ve logged in using your Adams 12 universal login. Then, click on Hold to reserve a book. 

If you are a hybrid student,  we will send you an email when your book is available for pick up from the library. If you a remote student, you will receive an email when the book is available for pickup from the front security window. 

Library Hours

  • Mon,Tuesday, Thursday - 6:45-3:30
  • Wednesday - 6:45-12:30
  • Friday - 6:45-3:15

New print books available through the Legacy High School Library

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