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War/Military Books

  In England in 1995, fifteen-year-old Tamar, grief-stricken by the puzzling death of her beloved grandfather, slowly begins to uncover the secrets of his life in the Dutch resistance during the last year of the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands, and the climactic events that forever cast a shadow on his life and that of his family.   Peter, an orphan in Warsaw, is adopted by German professor Kaltenbach and his wife who believe the boy to be a fine specimen of Hitler Youth, but Peter begins to develop his own ideas in opposition to the Nazis, which is not a popular position in Berlin in 1943.     When news reaches seventeen-year-old Matt Foster about his brother's death in Iraq, all he can think of is getting T.J.'s effects--his dog tags, clothing, or journals, whatever his brother had--and learn about his past, which was always secretive and unknown to Matt. However, when he gets T.J.'s effects, they bring up more questions than answers, and in order to learn what he wants to know, Matt may have to battle his dad, risk losing his best friend, and even suspension from school.   This is the story of the only survivor of Operation Redwing, SEAL fire team leader Marcus Luttrell, and the extraordinary firefight that led to the largest loss of life in American Navy SEAL history.           A member of Navy SEAL Team 3 describes his life as a father and husband, and as the serviceman with the most confirmed sniper kills in the history of the United States military while serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.              

Offers an on-the-ground account of a single platoon during its fifteen-month tour of duty in the most dangerous outpost in Afghanistan's Korengal Valley.


After a team of Navy SEALS rescues a CIA operative off the coast of Central America, they discover a terrorist plot which threatens the lives of American civilians and the Bandito Platoon must coordinate their efforts around the globe to stop the...

      In this brilliantly written epic novel, Jeff Shaara traces the lives, passions, and careers of the great military leaders from the first gathering clouds of the Civil War.
  After being taught in a boarding school run by whites that Navajo is a useless language, Ned Begay and other Navajo men are recruited by the Marines to become Code Talkers, sending messages during World War II in their native tongue.     While recuperating in a Baghdad hospital from a traumatic brain injury sustained during the Iraq War, eighteen-year-old soldier Matt Duffy struggles to recall what happened to him and how it relates to his ten-year-old friend, Ali.     When Travis returns home from Afghanistan, his parents are splitting up, his brother has stolen his girlfriend and car, and he has nightmares of his best friend getting killed but when he runs into Harper, a girl who has despised him since middle school, life actually starts looking up.     It's May 1944, and Josiah Wedgewood, a white infantryman, and Marcus Perry, a black transport driver, are on their way to an uncertain future. When Josiah and Marcus come together in the greatest test of their lives, they learn hard lessons about race, friendship, and what it really means to fight.     On a May afternoon in 1943, an Army Air Forces bomber crashed into the Pacific Ocean and disappeared, leaving only a spray of debris, gasoline, and blood. Then, on the ocean surface, a face appeared. It was that of a young lieutenant, the plane's bombardier, who was struggling to a life raft and pulling himself aboard. So began one of the most extraordinary odysseys of the Second World War       When a transport plane carrying a Taliban suspect, navigator Michael Parson, and female Army interpreter Sergeant Gold is shot down in Afghanistan, their battle for survival begins. Parson and Gold know that they can only trust each other.         At Thermopylae, a rocky mountain pass in northern Greece, the feared and admired Spartan soldiers stood three hundred strong. Theirs was a suicide mission, to hold the pass against the invading millions of the mighty Persian army.              

A teenaged girl's beloved brother returns home from the Iraq War completely unlike the person she remembers.

  Seventeen-year-old Richie Perry, just out of his Harlem high school, enlists in the Army in the summer of 1967 and spends a devastating year on active duty in Vietnam.     Wounded in Iraq while his Army unit is on convoy and treated for many months for traumatic brain injury, the first person Ben remembers from his earlier life is his brother who has autism.       Only nineteen when she is sent to Afghanistan, British army medic Elinor Nielson is continually at odds with her hard-nosed bunkmate, Heidi Larson, but connects with a mysterious Afghan girl and local children, as well as an American lieutenant.    

Robin Perry, from Harlem, is sent to Iraq in 2003 as a member of the Civilian Affairs Battalion, and his time there profoundly changes him.

Two boys, one German and one American, are eager to join their respective armies during World War II, and their paths cross at the Battle of the Bulge.

Recounts a 1993 firefight in Mogadishu, Somalia, that resulted in the deaths of eighteen Americans and more than five hundred Somalis, examining the rationales behind the disastrous raid.

    In 1972 Guam, fifteen-year-old Kiko struggles with the disappearance of his soldier brother in Vietnam, his grandfather's dementia, and the news he just learned that his mother was raped by a Japanese soldier during World War II. When Kiko discovers an old Japanese soldier hiding near his home, he only thinks of revenging his mother and begins to plan the man's death.