Energy Conservation Competition

WHEN: January 22 - February 23
HOW: Earn points for Energy Reduction, Home Energy Surveys, Energy Audits, Promotional Activities
WHO: Environmental Club, Environmental Science classes, STUGO, All Students & All Staff
PRIZE: $8000 for our school to invest in Energy saving tools - ex: LED lighting, Solar Powered Charging stations, Automatic sinks (just a few ideas)

Help us out by completing a Home Energy Survey. Just remember to list Legacy High School. We earn 1 pt. for each survey submitted. And everyone counts! You may share this survey with neighbors, friends, etc.

Steps you can do to reduce energy at Legacy High School:

1.  Don't run the hand dryers in the bathroom unless you are using them to dry your hands.

2.  Turn off lights and open blinds when feasible.

3.  Turn off projectors in classrooms when not in use-remind your teachers.

4.  Don't keep your charged phone plugged into sockets (or better yet, charge at home).

Post your own images and videos of energy saving moments using #legacysjourney and win a free water bottle sticker.  

Want more details - review this presentation regarding the district competition.