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School Profile

2016-2017 Graduation Statistics


Total Graduates: 508

# of Grads Plans %
325 4 year college 63%
101 2 year college 20%
9 Vocational/Tech. 2%
13 Military 2%
18 Work 4%

44 students were offered scholarships.
Total amount $4,651,553
Average per student $105,717
  • 84% of the 2017 graduating class enrolled in post secondary education.
  • The average SAT score for juniors was 1123. The 2015/2016 state average is 1015. All juniors take the SAT in the state of Colorado.
  • 667 students wrote 1334 AP exams.
  • AP courses are open to all juniors and seniors who meet the prerequisites.
A 4.0 90% Grade point average is computed on all classes each quarter, grades 9 - 12. All courses are included in the cumulative grade point average. Students have a numeric rank, which is listed on their transcript.
B 3.0 80%
C 2.0 70%.
D 1.0 60%
F 0.0  
P Pass  

Graduation Requirements*

23 Credits Required  
English 4 Credits
Social Studies (.5 must be U.S. Government) 2 Credits
US History I & II 1 Credit
Math 3 Credits
Science 3 Credits
Fine Arts 2 Credits
Physial Education (.5 must be Healthy Choices) 2 Credits
Electives 6 Credits

*Students are encouraged to complete 20 hours of Service Learning by graduation.


Class rank is based on a student’s cumulative Grade Point Average. Rank is computed at the end of each semester; the numerical rank shown on the high school transcript includes all completed semesters of high school course work.


CSAP/TCAP – state standardized assessment (credit awarded for certain scores) ACT – national standardized assessment (credit awarded for certain scores) SAT – national standardized assessment (credit awarded for certain scores) PSAT – Preliminary SAT (credit awarded for certain scores) CP – College Preparation AP – Advanced Placement (weighted grade if exam is taken)

A 5.0 Calculus II and Advanced Placement (AP) are weighted at Legacy High School. There are no other courses that are a part of the weighted grading system.
B 4.0
C 3.0
D 2.0