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Adams 12 and Legacy High School are strong proponents and supporters of the Positive Coaching Alliance.  Recently, they visited Legacy High School at the volleyball game versus Broomfield High School.  See their latest video here.  Dare To Chill? Re-Think Sports Parent Behavior On The Sidelines

CHSAA - Thank a Coach Submissions.

Use this LINK through the CHSAANOW website to send a thank you message to a coach who is making a difference.  As we continue to support a positive athletic environment and culture at Legacy, one way we can do this is take a moment to thank a coach.  CHSAA would like more and more submissions about coaches who are making a positive difference in the lives of our student athletes.

LACROSSE AT ADAMS 12 - Informational Meeting

ALL students at Legacy who currently play lacrosse for other schools and new students who are interested in seeing what lacrosse is all about, you are welcome to an informational meeting about the new Adams 12 Lacrosse team.  This meeting will take place in the commons at 3:15pm on Monday February 5th.  We hope to see you there.

North Stadium - Expectations clarification

In order to communicate with our families and visitors to the North Stadium for games, we wanted to include the following information in order to be clear on expectations at the stadium.

  • Students may not bring in outside food and drinks, as well as backpacks.
  • Please help clean up the stadium at the end of games.
  • Students should arrange a ride home with their parents in a more timely manner at the conclusion of the games.  It is important for us that you are safe with your parents, rather than waiting late after games.

Signing Day information for student athletes

Early Signing
By the Friday before the early signing date each year, coaches are to gather and send to the athletic office, the names of athletes, sport, and where they are signing.  We will not have an official signing ceremony at Legacy, however, coaches and parents may share with the athletic office any photo's of small private ceremonies/acknowledgements that may take place so we can share with local media outlets such as BOCO preps at that time.

National Letter of Intent Signing Day
This day is the first Wednesday of February.  In 2018, this will be February 7th.  We will have a ceremony at Legacy starting at 1pm in the Auditorium followed by a reception in the commons for all families and friends.  All committed athletes at that time will be included in this ceremony.  All information about the athlete including names, colleges, and sports of those athletes, need to be shared with coaches and the athletic office prior to the Friday before the ceremony (Feb 2nd).

Spring Signing Ceremony
This year, and moving forward, we will include athletes in sports that have committed late in the year (after the Feb 7th date).  We have found that wrestlers, track stars and numerous late commits have missed out on an opportunity like this.  Therefore, we will conduct a similar ceremony at Legacy for those athletes.  This date will be the 3rd Wednesday of April (due to numerous conflicts with space), starting at 1pm.


Congratulations to Tajon Buchanan on this award.  Tajon is currently playing soccer at Syracuse University.

Check-In Dates for all sports are as follows:

  • Spring Sports-February 14-21, 2018
    • *Forms will be available at the business window beginning 2/9/18.

The following must be turned in at Athletic Check-In:

  • Physical signed by a doctor-valid for one year.
  • Acceptable physicals include: doctor’s signature on the authorization form, print out from doctor’s office, CAPS physical, CHSAA physical form.
  • Adams 12 Authorization for Athletic Participation(two sided)
  • CHSAA Student Eligibility and Anti-Hazing Information Form (1b)
  • Emergency Information Card—Duplicate, cannot download
    • **All portions on the forms must be signed and dated by both the athlete and the parent.**

Participation Fee for 2017-2018 is $150 per season; ($300 maximum per year) Private school, home-school, or out of district shall be charged an additional $75.00 fee.

Participation fee MUST be paid at the time of check-in. Save time and pay Athletic Fees online in advanced at (You must still attend athletic check-in to turn in required forms.)

Absolutely NO participation is allowed (practice or competition) until Athletic Check-In is complete and fees are paid in full.

Information regarding camps or open gym workouts can be obtained from each head coach. Contact information may be found on the Legacy website.


- (excerpt from the Article "What Makes A Nightmare Sports Parent -- And What Makes A Great One", by Steve Henson)

Let’s Hear It For The Parents Who Do It Right. In Many Respects, Brown And Miller Say, It’s Easier To Be An Ideal Sports Parent Than A Nightmare. “It Takes Less Effort,” Miller Says. “Sit Back And Enjoy.” Here’s What To Do:

• Cheer everybody on the team, not just your child: Parents should attend as many games as possible and be supportive, yet allow young athletes to find their own solutions. Don’t feel the need to come to their rescue at every crisis. Continue to make positive comments even when the team is struggling.

• Model Appropriate Behavior: Contrary To The Old Saying, Children Do As You Do, Not As You Say. When A Parent Projects Poise, Control And Confidence, The Young Athlete Is Likely To Do The Same. And When A Parent Doesn’t Dwell On A Tough Loss, The Young Athlete Will Be Enormously Appreciative.

• Know What Is Suitable To Discuss With The Coach: The Mental And Physical Treatment Of Your Child Is Absolutely Appropriate. So Is Seeking Advice On Ways To Help Your Child Improve. And If You Are Concerned About Your Child’s Behavior In The Team Setting, Bring That Up With The Coach. Taboo Topics: Playing Time, Team Strategy, And Discussing Team Members Other Than Your Child.

• Know your role: Everyone at a game is either a player, a coach, an official or a spectator. “It’s wise to choose only one of those roles at a time,” Brown says. “Some adults have the false impression that by being in a crowd, they become anonymous. People behaving poorly cannot hide.” Here’s a clue: If your child seems embarrassed by you, clean up your act.

• Be A Good Listener And A Great Encourager: When Your Child Is Ready To Talk About A Game Or Has A Question About The Sport, Be All Ears. Then Provide Answers While Being Mindful Of Avoiding Becoming A Nightmare Sports Parent. Above All, Be Positive. Be Your Child's Biggest Fan. "Good Athletes Learn Better When They Seek Their Own Answers," Brown Says.

And, of course, don’t be sparing with those magic words: "I love watching you play."

Click here for an article on the Coach-Parent Partnership by the Positive Coaching Alliance.

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