Summer School


When should I consider sending my child to summer school?

Adams 12 Summer School is an excellent opportunity for students to recover credits they have failed during the school year.  Summer school classes may be taken for FAILED classes only.  Students are required to have 23.0 total credits including the following specific needs to meet graduation requirements.

  • 4.0 English
  • 3.0 Math
  • 3.0 Science
  • 1.5 Social Sciences
  • .5 US Government
  • 1.0 US History
  • 2.0 Physical Education (1.0 Class of 2021 and after)
  • 2.0 Fine and Practical Arts
  • 6.0 Elective (7.0 Class of 2021 and after)

Most students take 6.0 credits each year. If all classes are passed they will graduate with a minimum of 24.0 credits.  Therefore, there is one credit of flexibility in a student’s 4-year plan.

How do I know what summer school class to register for?

Since students must have 4.0 credits of English, if your child fails a semester of English that is the first priority of class to make up.  Other classes of high priority include US History and Government/Economics.

If your child has failed a math class it is best to discuss summer school with a Legacy counselor.  

If a student has failed more than 1.0 credit in a school year, it is recommended that they take a corresponding English, Science, Social Science, or Physical Education class (Lifetime Fitness can replace any PE class failed).

***Students receiving Free/Reduced Lunch receive a tuition discount for summer school.