Legacy High School acknowledges its students’ conduct, character, and achievement reflect the effectiveness of the school. Legacy High School students will:

  • accept responsibility for their learning, decisions, and actions.
  • set challenging goals and exhibit a strong work ethic to achieve them.
  • work together cooperatively, respect diversity, and appreciate democratic values.
  • contribute to school and community.


Legacy High School operates on the principle that a quality staff creates a quality school. The staff will:

  • operate on the premise that all students can achieve when held to high expectations.
  • actively support the mission, vision, commitments, and goals of the school.
  • model life-long learning.
  • maintain open and honest communication in order to sustain a professional and collaborative environment on a consistent and formal basis.
  • closely monitor the academic progress of all students and respond with necessary support.


Legacy High School recognizes the importance of providing all students with a coherent and viable curriculum. The curriculum is:

  • sequenced and aligned both vertically and horizontally to ensure academic growth from grade to grade and subject to subject.
  • based on district and state standards that identify essential content.
  • assessed to ensure quality learning and to inform teachers and teams regarding curricular and instructional decision-making.
  • reflective of the school’s belief in seeking out and implementing best practices.
  • designed to establish effective articulation with affiliated schools and post-secondary institutions.


Legacy High School recognizes that a successful environment encompasses both the physical setting and the climate of the school. Legacy High School will:

  • maintain an emotionally and physically safe environment.
  • operate in an orderly, purposeful, professional environment.
  • celebrate the efforts and achievements of students and staff.
  • maintain the physical facilities to meet the needs of the students and the community.
  • monitor, respond to, and assist students in a fair and consistent manner.


Legacy High School recognizes the importance of establishing effective partnerships with its extended community. These partnerships will:

  • provide the means for two-way communication in order to exchange information and feedback.
  • encourage the community to participate in the daily life of the school and demonstrate its support for the school’s mission, vision, commitments, and goals.
  • facilitate the involvement of parents/guardians in the education of their students.