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The Legacy High School Counseling Department provides opportunities and experiences to support, prepare, and inspire our students to greet the future world with confidence while achieving their fullest potential. As students embark on their careers, they will achieve success by accepting responsibility for their learning, decisions, and actions. They will have a strong foundation of work-based skills – having participated in internships, externships, volunteerism, apprenticeships, and courses relevant to their career choice. They will continue to set challenging goals and exhibit a strong work ethic to achieve them.  They will work with others cooperatively, respectful of diversity, and appreciative of democratic values. As a result of the academic, career, and social/emotional support our department provides students, regardless of their identities, they will enter the workforce prepared with determination, resiliency, and aptitude to lead and impact society in a positive, long-lasting way.


The mission of the Legacy High School Counseling Department is to provide access to a comprehensive counseling program that addresses the academic, career, and personal/social development of all students. Through our commitment to a comprehensive counseling program, our students learn in a high-quality environment that promotes academic excellence, addresses personal and social needs, develops career awareness, and fosters postsecondary success – gaining a holistic sense of personal growth and enthusiasm for the future.  Students will develop the skills necessary to improve within their academic endeavors and innovations, demonstrate emotional resilience, exhibit social leadership, and pursue future opportunities for the growth and betterment of society.

Who Is My Counselor?


Mrs. Kujawa (Last Names A - B)             Ms. Wallace (Last Names C - D)


Ms. Vigil (Last Names E - Ha)                  Mrs. Fleeks (Last Names Hb-Le)


Ms. Allen (Last Names Lf - Ne)            **Mr. Blanc-Paul (ON LEAVE)


Mr. Hargis (Last Names Roc - Ta)           Mr. Romano (Last Names Tb - Zz)


**Students within the following last name groupings should reach out to the following counselor for any academic, post-secondary, or social/emotional needs until notified otherwise.

Kujawa:  Ng-Old         Wallace:  Ole-Pal        Vigil:  Pam-Per        Fleeks:  Pes-Po
Allen:  Pr-Rad              Hargis: Rae-Rei          Romano:  Rej-Rob

Counselor Contact Info